Nicholas Coleman Exhibition

We saw the first of the snow on the 30th of November, the day of the exhibition of new work by American artist Nicholas Coleman.  The new propane space heater battled with the arctic conditions.  It won this evening, although it wasn't long before it caught fire and another attempt to heat these stables had failed.   

Nicholas had painted a series of small water colours for this show.  The paintings included portraits of vintage motorcycle racing and also some animals.   The paintings captured the speed of racing and were both intricate with detail and simple in form.   The centre piece was a large oil painting capturing the moment when Mark Upham's Borugh Superior caught fire whilst competing at Punk's Peak last year.  

Our local brewery Five Points sponsored the event with their XPA and Hook Island Red which was greatly appreciated.    The exhibition will continue at Bolt until Christmas and original works will be available online soon afterwards.  Thanks to all who came.  

Photography by Fabio Affuso 


Andrew AlmondComment