If you ride a classic or custom motorcycle you’ll need to keep on top of its maintenance. Looking after your bike will prolong its life, insure it's safe and making riding it a pleasure. 

Understanding and working on your own motorcycle allows you to enjoy it for all its worth with the confidence that it’ll keep up with what you throw at it. It’ll also save you no end in garage bills. 

Our courses start from the complete amateur to the competent mechanic who wants to brush up and expand their skills. Our Master-classes focus on sharing specialist expertise for the semi-professional to pro-builders. 

Our basic and intermediate courses are led by Tony Davis. Tony’s life-long interest in motorcycle mechanics started as a sprint racer in his early teens. Having spent years building and tuning his own bikes he then turned to teaching and has ten years experience doing just that.  

Our workshops are run in small groups with a hands-on approach so that everyone leaves at the end with their hands greasy.