Motivated by motorcycles and the counter-culture around them.

BOLT has become a key arbiter and protagonist within the motorcycle scene. More than a label, BOLT is an authentic participant and evocative champion of a culture with a rich heritage and evolving resonance.   We build custom motorcycles and design apparel with attention to innovation, quality workmanship and superior craft.  We also stock exclusive items including motorcycle jackets, clothing and apparel from some of our favourite independent brands.

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Motorcycling is all about the experience, and for that reason it has to be authentic.

Our garage specialises in custom motorcycle builds which showcase our commitment to design and craft. We make motorcycle clothing for a life on the road employing superior workmanship and style. From developing our own fabrics to working closely with our manufacturers in London, Portugal and Italy, we ensure a high quality. We make garments to last and improve with wear.

We are work across every element of motorcycle culture including events, exhibitions, films, workshops, ride outs and races.  Fuelled by the community and progression of a culture, we’ve never needed to slow down. Tucked in, throttle on and running on fumes.

Latest News & Events from BOLT Motorcycles

We are always involved in new projects and collaborations, often connecting with other independent motorcycle businesses around the world. Read about the day to day happenings at Bolt in our Journal.

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