Motivated by motorcycles and the counter-culture around them.

Founded in 2013 by Andrew Almond, BOLT has become a key arbiter and protagonist within the scene. More than a label, BOLT is an authentic participant and evocative champion of a culture with a rich heritage and evolving resonance.  

We specialise in motorcycle apparel creating limited pieces with a premium quality and timeless style. Our designs are inspired by the heritage of the past along with functionality for the road ahead. Alongside this is curated apparel from brands who share our values, vintage pieces, artwork and collectibles.   

Our garage is at the centre of what we do and ensures our fingers stay oily. As well as building custom motorcycles we offer servicing & repairs specialising in classic and customs.   

Our mechanics workshops cover everything from basic to advanced mechanics. The courses offer a hands on approach to developing new skills and to maintaining your motorcycle.


Andrew Almond

With a background heading up Innovation and Enterprise within the Arts Andrew felt it time to apply himself to his own personal project. Bolt is an extension of his passion for collaborating on creative endeavours; from creating unique motorcycles to leather jackets, hosting events and building communities of interest.  


Simone Fiore
Custom Builder 

Simone has been accustomed to mechanics since a child where he would help out around his father's car garage in Rome. His interest in motorcycles led him to start his career building customs for the local Harley Davidson garage.  Once he had honed his craft he moved on to open his own garage, Iron Heads.   After 10 years of running Iron Heads in Rome Simone moved to the UK and partnered with Bolt in our new garage.  


Vivian Savage
Shop Assistant 

A life long enthusiast of all things vintage Vivian has been with Bolt since the beginning bringing order to the chaos.  

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