Motivated by motorcycles and the counter-culture around them. Custom motorcycles and apparel from London, UK.

Founded in 2013 by Andrew Almond, BOLT London has become a key arbiter and protagonist within the motorcycle scene both in London and throughout the world. More than a label, BOLT London is an authentic participant and evocative champion of a culture with a rich heritage and evolving resonance.  

We build custom motorcycles as functional testaments to the scope of design and the craft of fabrication. Events produced have ranged from stages at music festivals, films, art exhibitions and our frequent parties in our courtyard in London. Our store is a social space foremost

We specialise in apparel inspired by the sub-cultures of motorcycling. Designing authentic garments that combining style, craftsmanship and the highest quality materials. We develop our own fabrics and work with small scale luxury manufacturers in London, Italy and Portugal. Our clothes are designed to last and improve with wear, to be a companion on the road. Alongside this is curated apparel from brands sourced from across the globe, vintage pieces, artwork and collectibles.  

Our motorcycle mechanics workshops cover everything from basic to advanced mechanics. The courses offer a hands on approach to developing new skills and to maintaining your motorcycle.

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Andrew Almond

Ive always been interested in connecting communities around subcultures in one way or another. Bolt is a means for collaborations within and outside of motorcycling for the purposes of creativity, innovation, and the preservation of its culture.


Vivian Savage
Shop Assistant 

A life long enthusiast of all things vintage Vivian has been with Bolt since the beginning bringing order to the chaos.  

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