Clutch Issue 28 May 2014

Motorcycle concept stores are currently becoming a new trend throughout the world.  Inside you will see customised motorcycles on display, motorcycle gear, books, magazines, selective apparel, and original products for sale. 

Bolt, located in East London, is one of the emerging motorcycle themed stores.  They carry everything from classic British styles such as rockers and mods, to classic American and racing styles.  A wide range of genres creates a unique atmosphere, which is overseen by store owner Andrew Almond, who passionate about the motorcycle culture himself.  The standout interior design and the selection of high quality items were quickly noticed by motorcycle fans and the store experienced a surge in popularity immediately. 

The location was originally a small factory before renovation, but is now transformed into the hotspot of the new motorcycle boom of London. 

Japanese text - any body's guess 

Photography : Taka Okabe Text: CLUTCH magazine