Vogue Italia Photo Shoot

On sunday a few of us got together to ride down to Dunsfold Aerodrome to take part in a shoot for Vogue Italia by photographer  Solve Sundsbo.   After a late night hosting the Tourism party on the Saturday I was in no state to be jumping in the saddle at the crack of dawn, and I soon realised my motorcycle didn't make it back the night before, bugger.   I picked up my ride from the Bolt shop and headed round the corner to the Blackskulls garage where huddled under a small overhang of foliage were the rest of the group keeping clear of the rain.    

We stood, we smoked and waited in apprehension for the coffee shop to open, i can't do anything until some caffeine kick starts the system.  Eventually a few hours later, and very late for the shoot, we actually got it together to leave.  

Once we'd cleared the laborious task of exiting through South London and hit the A3, throttles were cranked back and we sped off, vintage triumphs, Harleys,  a Zeus custom honda and crazy sand bike, and me on the moto guzzi pissing out oil as it went.  I'd forgotten the spectacle and sound from a pack of old bikes and my own engine was lost amongst the grunt of the Harleys and the whining high revs of a tuned sand bike.  

We found the airstrip, empty, we didn't need to say as we all knew it was an opportunity to let rip and we sped along the straights and sweeping bends pushing our engines to the limit.  At the shoot were many of the usual faces, the Mean Fuckers were there in force and a host of rockers, ton-up boys and shiny rides.  In between the shooting it was too good to miss the chance of drag racing up and down the strip and we soon forgot about the helmet laws.  

We set off back as a long line of bikes snaking along the country roads.  When we hit the A3 we properly let loose and i pushed a little closer to making the Ton.  We lost a few en route, including myself, my wing mirror ( well i got a week out of it) and also my rear light which went flying down the road at some point.  Back in East London and we miraculously re-grouped and headed to the Black Skulls for a beer.