Fate had it that Volts and I were going to be neighbours at the bike shed event in May.  They instantly gave me the itch, here i was facing the unfathomable task of building my stand, and there they were surrounded by beautiful shiny rides lounging on deck chairs, leather deck chairs at that.  Who were these Dons of loafing?   

A few weeks later Clive and Tony paid me a visit at the Bolt Store, it was a quiet saturday, and we sat in the yard, slugged some beers and recalled tales of climbing trees naked, roaming the house naked and scaring the grandparents, being naked.    We never actually got round to discussing any business but we said we'd throw a party together - maybe we can talk business then- but i doubt it.  Time dictated that they had to leave,  and they left me a box of their great tees, leather goods and pin badges  - you can find these in store and i'll be putting some more on the web shortly.   

So on the 26th of July, Volts will be coming back, and we're be throwing a party to celebrate, I'm hoping were all be getting naked.  

For now check out there amazing craftsmanship on this beautiful Yamaha! 



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