Nicholas Coleman Exhibition

We held an exhibition of Nicholas Coleman's work back in 2015, the first time his work had been shown in the UK. We are very happy to have Nicholas return to the UK on November the 30th for a new show and to exhibit new and previously unseen work. 

Nicholas resides in Utah and is an accomplished artist following in his father's footsteps as a western and wildlife painter.  He preserves the traditional American western style of painting which seems only natural when you consider his passion for the outdoors and the pursuits of hunting, fishing and trapping.   Nicholas was taught the skills of the original mountain men and trappers in his upbringing, such as how to catch a fish with his bare hands .  By conserving such traditions in his lifestyle he is able to form a genuine and authentic link between the past and the present in his work.   His paintings have been exceptionally well received and he has been invited to participate in the prestigious Masters of the American West Exhibition, held each year at the Autry National Centre in Los Angeles. 

 Nicholas is also passionate about vintage motorcycles and is currently making progress on a stunning Harley Pan head chopper and a 1972 Triumph Daytona for his wife.   As such he brings this into his artistic life and produces work that deals in the early part of motorcycle hill climbing, racing and motorcycle life.  Nicholas has exhibited at different motorcycle events around the world including wheels and waves in Biarritz and has collaborated with brands Eat Dust, El Solatario and Schott.   For the up coming show at Bolt Nicholas has produced a series of stunning watercolours that really capture the excitement, style and spirit of motorcycling.

This will be the first exhibition held at the new premises and I am really excited to welcome Nicholas back, both as a huge fan of his work and a good friend.  

Andrew AlmondComment