Inappropriate and Vintage Motorcross at Scramble On!

Last Sunday Clive and Tony, the rock n rollers behind Volts Mechanix launched the first Scramble On Event.  Open to vintage and inappropriate motor vehicles there was a real miss mash of rides ragging it around the track, from stripped down scooters to old BSA's and a Sports bike.    

I found myself in Ringmer , where the event was taking place, and after a few laps of the village it appeared no one knew of the motocross course.   I couldn't help but get suspicious, this must surely the most exciting thing the village had to offer.   Eventually i caught up with two crossers filling up petrol, they offered to show me the way.  We left the garage,  they yanked their throttles and went off wheeling down the road, the fun had begun.  

Pulling in to the track and there were a smattering of tents, stalls, motorcycles and many familiar faces.  The first race was the lower CC class and the starting line was a pretty ridiculous sight.  Some elaborate flag waving and they were off into the first corner,  a mongrel squad of scooters and vintage crossers.  Whilst the course was moderately tame to some standards it was enough to pound the hell out of the riders and their rag tag machines. 

The next race saw some equally mis-matched machines, my favourite being a sports bike.  It would take the jumps with the same vigour of the other, more suited machines, but it was the landings where it took the brunt of it.  It'd come crashing down, over exhausting the suspension, and emitting a loud 'crack' as the frame swallowed the impact.  I couldn't help but laugh despite telling myself that this is kind of boyish tomfoolery that the Top Gear team churn out - what next  - blazer, jeans and brown shoes for the complete Clarkson? 

Then the rain came and it came hard.  A thirty minute downpour saw the track become a mud pit, but as quickly as it came it left.  Racing was adjourned!  The final race commenced, riders took the first corner and then, well, disappeared in the mud.  It was game over for all but one rider, it really was a one horse race.   

The atmosphere throughout the day was amazing, it was a great idea and everyone knew it.  I was desperate to race and watching bikes fly through the air i had the over-conifidence of a deluded speed freak.  My eyes are now keenly peeled for a new, vintage scrambler,  ready for the next race. 

Thanks to Gareth Roberts for permission to use his photographs.  

Andrew AlmondComment