ELMC Shoot with Jocks and Nerds Magazine

Another night started and ended with a bottle of Rum from my new stash of Sailor Jerrys.   I awoke with a text, I was to be shooting a video, now, damn!  I raced out of bed, there's never food in the fridge so breakfast wasn't an option, and headed for the bus.  

Marcus and the team from Jocks and Nerds magazine were setting up and Bobby was down on his Honda CB.  Bobby's Honda continues to change and gets better every time.  Its a real testament to garage building, absorbing and developing along with the character and riding style of its owner.    

We got to wear ELMC's leather jackets, I'd already had my eye one and knew that putting one on would be the tipping point.  The jacket was super nice, timeless and there was no doubt it would keep you warm on the coldest nights ride.  The price reflects the craftsmanship thats gone in to it, you know this is the kind of jacket you're grandkids are going to be fighting over in years to come.  

The video will go up on the Jocks and Nerds new website when it launches in the coming months.  Thanks to all for a great morning.  





Andrew AlmondComment