BOLT Relaunch

BOLT relaunched in its new home in Stoke Newington on the 6th of April and was by all accounts mobbed!  The doors opened at 6pm and by half past the yard was full, an hour later and bikes, scooters, american trucks and a corvette stingray lined the street outside in both directions.   Sailor Jerry provided the spirits for the event, and local craft beer shop Mother Kellys along with London Fields Brewery kept the beer flowing.

The new store was originally an old stables before becoming home to the Duguid Bros, famed for building Tritons, and making motorcycle fairings.   Its great to have this lineage and history and to bring the space back to a motorcycle space which it suits so well.  They left in the seventies and since it had been home to a Antiques shop prior to my taking it over.   Its not easy to find a space for a motorcycle shop - it has to be large enough to house motorcycles, have adequate parking, be accessible and in my case  - has to be cheap.   The new store was funded from the savings that I accumulated during the first three years of business -  it was able to come about from the support of the motorcycle community, and its down to you all that it exists, and I am eternally grateful.    One of my favourite quotes is , a camel is a horse designed by a committee, and in the sense it is important that Bolt benefits from the freedom of being wholely independent, to have a clear vision and to follow that without dilution.  I never wanted it to appeal to the masses, but for those it resonates with, it should do with authenticity and innovation. 

At both the first and second launches we had Sonny Scully Evans and Bradley Hall man the turntables, and despite concerns of upsetting neighbours we went ahead anyway and set the vinyl spinning.    Jake of Vintage Engineering brought my Buell up to show which had been fitted with a beautiful hand made aluminium fairing, tank and seat unit.   The workmanship was awe-inspiring, the Buell X1 is a great ride but in its factory state is an acquired taste aesthetically.  Whilst very handsome this bike is to be ridden not shown and Jake made sure all the measurements suited and the design was as practical as it was beautiful.   Dick Smith of the Barons Speedshop brought the Sunset Stripper, an amazing Harley Davidson Bobber and a just finished, never seen, Triumph Desert Sledge which was equally impressive.  

We closed the event at nine but that seemed to be the beginning of a very long night for many who trawled there way home via the bars and clubs of Dalston.  Thanks to all who came, it was great to see old friends and new faces alike, and also locals getting involved.   Only one complaint was received and I will end on the sinister words as they were said to me - " be aware we will all, always, be watching you"  - we've an audience so let's put on a good show this summer.    

Photos - thanks to Mihail Jershov & Throttle Rockers