BOLT London Sound System / Malle Mile 2017

Kefington Hall saw the third annual Malle Mile bringing with it a weekend of racing and partying in equal measures. There was camping on site this year , as well as more races and other activities from cinema, to a bike exhibition, boxing matches and hot tubs. The sun baked down for the whole weekend.   

Bolt was invited to organise the music for the weekend and a mobile sound system on the back on an Old American pick-up followed the races to the starting lines. Racing from the turntables to keep the generator filled with petrol and the music playing seemed fitting alongside the two stroke smoke machines.  

Dj's over the weekend included Emma Noble (noble and heath sound system), Stephen Lee, Sune Nightingale and myself. Dj's spun everything from electro and hip hop to Northern Soul and funk. After dark the party moved to the hidden nightclub buried in the basement of the home. Beyond the oil paintings and oak staircases, entered via a giant dolls house and an ominous corridor lies a 300 capacity club with a sound system to shake the tiles on the roof three floors above. The sun rise was met with the last revellers soaking in hot tubs, whilst others got started fixing their bikes for the next days racing. Sadly I made the latter of the two and ran in circles trying to bump start the Lambretta.  Eventually there was nothing left in either of us & I just passed out on a hay bail listening to Emma Nobles disco 7's.



Andrew AlmondComment