Barbour x Bolt

Few motorcycle clothing companies can come close to the motorcycle heritage wrapped up in a Barbour jacket.  From the 1930's to the 70's Barbour supplied jackets to the British National race team, and the 1965 Isle of Man TT saw 95% of competitors wearing their jackets.   The sheer fact that the jacket remained almost unchanged in well over 50 years of competitive use is testament alone to the quality of design.   I also can't help myself but to admire the understated cool of Steven Mcqueen and his dedication to motorcycles and racing.  Since Mcqueen rode in Barbour you can be sure he looked stylish.  

When we were asked to collaborate with Barbour we were excited to add something to their legacy which has included all types of racing to working with great British motorcycle companies like Vincent and Triumph.  More recent collaborations have included Deus Ex Machina who brought their own fun style to the classic brand.    

The guys from Barbour had been down earlier in the year to shoot videos to accompany their autumn winter collections and came back to shoot some stories about Bolt.   They shot some pictures around the garage and asked some questions of Simone our custom builder, Marek Puc who has shot all our photography and myself.  It was great to be involved with a company that has clothed motorcyclists for almost a century.  

Photos: Joe Lewis 



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