Bolt x Budvar - Ride to South Bohemia

We were offered  the chance to build a bike for Budvar that reflected the unique approach of craft and tradition that they take to their brewing.   And once we had built the bike they wanted us to ride it the 1000 miles back to their brewery in South Bohemia.   It was a commission to interesting to refuse and we rose to the challenge.  

We built a custom Jawa, using a hand fabricated frame and involved many of our network of collaborators for hand paint, hand tooled leather straps and other bespoke details.   The bike came out looking great and we exhibited it at the Bike Shed, raced it at the mile and prepared it for the journey ahead.  

Eight of us set off on the trip which would take us past some of our friends along the way, including Rusty Gold Motorshop and Denim Heads in Prague.    I won't give too much away about what happened along the way as we will be premiering the film we made on the 19th September at Bolt.   This will be our end of summer party and will be a lot of fun, Edie Ashley and Bradley Hall will be spinning records, Radical Edwards will be manning the BBQ and Budvar will be supplying the beers!  We will also be opening up our new space upstairs for the evening.   

Pictures of our trip by Marek Puc Photography 



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