The concept for this build was to merge the styles of a classic 60's street racer with the custom style of the 80's. So as not to loose the charm and heritage of the scooter we chose to leave it ratty looking, after all it was designed as an everyday commuter and for racing. 

We started with a 1969  Italian lambretta Gran Prix, designed by Gruppo Bertone, best known for designing cars including Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Massarati.  Whilst very original it was a real wreck when we found it.  A full engine upgrade was undertaken and the rather under powered 125cc barrel was upgraded to the Gran Turismo 186cc kit.  This was matched with a dellorto 25mm carburettor and an A F Rayspeed big bore exhaust.  Other components upgraded included suspension, crank, chain, clutch, bearings and seals. The setup was chosen to allow for increased power with reliability without altering the 60's aesthetics.

The paint work was undertaken by Ornamental Conifer and the 'Unknown Pleasures' theme is a nod to Joy Division. We sourced an original Mad Speed race seat to finish the look.  


Andrew Almond