Jawa CZ 250cc The Budvar Bike

We were commissioned by Czech brewer Budwesier Budvar to design and build a custom motorcycle which reflected the craft and tradition of the brewery.  We were also tasked with building the bike using a Czech made motorcycle.   We wanted to reference the style of the early Jawa models from the 1930's to 60's whilst creating something modern and unique.   We found a rare export model which used the original beautifully sculptured engine from the 50's within a much more modern and utilitarian built bike.   We also had to ride the bike 1000 miles to the Brewery in South Bohemian as a test run so the engine had to perform.    

We started by fabricating a new hard tail frame following the form of a 1950's Triumph with the work being undertaken by Jake Robbins vintage engineering.  We re-conditioned the engine and built a new loom and electrical system using uprated parts.   We added minimal controls and a Bates style light.  Custom brackets were made to keep the clean lines of the bike and emphasis the custom parts.   These included a hand made seat which was matched with a hand tooled leather tank strap.   We work with a leather worker who carved and painted a Hop motif along the tank strap.   The frame and parts were powder coated before going to London Scooter bodyshop who sprayed a two tone cream over the red base.   Finally we invited Coop of Dapper Signs to hand paint the lettering and add the gold pin stripping.   


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