Tools of the Trade


On April the 2nd we hosted the first "Tools of the Trade'  event at Bolt London to coincide with the exhibition launch of new work by Ged Palmer and Joel Clarke.   Vinyl has often been seen as the antithesis of paint, a cheap, digital alternative which lacks talent and craftsmanship. Joel Clarke learnt his craft, hand cut vinyl, in his teens as he worked to repair the graphics on the Moto Gp circuits.  Back then there were no digital printers and Joel would hand cut the race graphics using just a scalpel.   Ged comes from a classic sign writers background, and has learnt the lost arts of guilding, glass painting and gold leafing. The pitched the two together, working head to head across a range of mediums including helmets, motorcycles and traditional art works. 

The show led to the idea for "tools of the trade' - an event to show case the various elements of arts and craft in motorcycle culture.   Contemporary motorcycle culture seems to focus primarily on the design and engineering feats in creating one off bespoke motorcycles but often overlooks other areas of customisation.   Tools of trade brought together a wide range of artists working across different mediums including -Peanut Butter custom paint  - metal flake; Ged Palmer  - paint ; Strange loop - custom jewellery and leather; JSY leather works  - bespoke leather items and A Two Pipe Problem - Letterpress.  

Endure provided the beer on tap and I burnt the sausages  - thanks to Taka for saving the last few! 

Photos by Mihail Jershov





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