Honda 125cc project

I set to work on a new project this morning, a Honda CG 125cc from the eighties.  It seemed a good start as these engines run forever, made to last in the harshest third world environments.  Overloaded and over used these bikes would keep going despite little care or preventative mechanics.  

Taking it apart was too easy, it had been a while since i'd got my hands dirty and I was set on making a day of it.    It came apart like butter and the bin quickly filled with anything non-essential, proving aesthetically that less is more.   A couple of hours later and it felt like searching out the last meat on a chicken carcass.  

Down to its bare bones and the possibilities of where to go with the design and build are pretty exciting.   I want to keep the project affordable but also make a unique bike that will be a lot of fun for the rider.   As the Honda CG125 has such a global footprint I aim to find inspiration in the utilitarian and practical modifications that people have made to adapt them to different environments.  What ever happens to the tank it's going to be pretty special. 



Andrew AlmondComment