Classic Car Boot Sale

We were approached by Wayne Hemmingway to introduce a new motorcycle area to the Classic Car Boot sale.  Always one for getting over excited with projects I promised to deliver an exhibition, pop-up shop and an interactive art installation, and all within three weeks.  Excitement soon turned to panic, but then I always go by the idea that if I am not terrified then I'm probably not trying hard enough.  

The Classic Car boot sales sees over a 100 classic cars come together with some of the best Vintage sellers, and alongside this are bars, music and street food stalls.  All in it creates a real festival atmosphere and sees some 16,000 visitors pass through over the course of the weekend.   We had a great position besides the front entrance and overlooking the fountains on Granary Square.  

 The installation had been an idea I have been wanting to bring to life for sometime so this presented the perfect opportunity.  It was also a great excuse to call on Dry British, who as well as being an amazing illustrator and sign writer is a whole heap of fun to work with.  Steve Millington aka Dry British was the first artist Bolt worked with and created the opening exhibition back in 2014 when we launched.  For this he drew a pack of Rockers in his distinctive style, this was then made into a three dimension installation by Fred Rigby, another close friend who created all of Bolt's metal furnishings.  In the centre was an Iron head Chopper which people were invited to sit on and become part of the scene.  

Alongside this we had Tony Ten Triumphs Ford pick up, painted in the style of Steve Mcqueen's race truck and an exhibition of motorcycles including a 1938 Royal Enfield, Harley Shovel Head, some beautiful 60's Triumphs, BMW's and a few lambrettas.  Tony Ten Triumphs, no need to explain how he got that name, brought some great bikes down and managed to scoop the prize for Best in Show.   Bolt set up a pop-up shop and Dry British spent the weekend drawing illustrations and sign writing pieces.  We also had an exclusive print from Stephen Kenny - Hell Box press. 

There was an amazing crowd of motorcyclists, vintage enthusiasts, scooter clubs and soul boys over the weekend and it was a real melting pot of different tribes all with an eye on the past.  Thanks to everyone who got involved, helped out and made the weekend a lot of fun.  We hope to come back next year with something really special and my head is already full of ideas for what we can do.   

Andrew AlmondComment