BOLT / Five Year Anniversary

Well i won’t lie, I had no expectations of making it six months with Bolt so reaching five years really is something. Its not been easy by any means, those who know me know how hard it has been at times and the sacrifices I’ve made, But nothing good comes easy right!. So here we are five years young, its time to let our hair down and enjoy the fruits of our labour.

We were really pleased to have Jonny Trunk come down as our guest DJ. Well known for his show on Resonance FM he is a source of constant inspiration, a true pioneer. I first came across Jonny about ten years ago when he released a vinyl album of love letters to porn stars read out by their authors. Trunk Records is probably the most obscure label there is and Jonny collection of records is world class. For Bolt Jonny played a set of motorcycle related music including a personal favourite “go suzuki and come home happy”. Jonny has also compiled some incredible books, most notably “Sainsburys own packaging labels 1962-1977”. I must admit I was intrigued to understand the importance of this until I heard the back story and saw the designs. The book resulted in an exhibition at the Design Museum and is not on the curriculum for many design courses. Alongside Jonny we had Bradley Hall, a good friend of ours who has spun records at every party since we started. And finally Edie Ashley, pour collaborator for BoltxEdie dropped some of her Dub plates.

The yard was soon packed with an array of custom motorcycles from choppers to cafe racers to Lambrettas. Bolt has always been about people first, it doesn’t matter to me what you ride, as long as your a good sort. We were super happy to have Piston Gin onboard for our sponsors for the event which made a welcome addition to things. The premium gin came in a variety of flavours and for me the oak aged gin was bloody lovely.

The golden rule that I have learnt through experience is close the party at ten, or else be warned that all hell might brake loose. 10pm came and went, and then midnight, eventually we wrapped things up at 4am, and yes it was very messy! I want to thank everyone who came and partied, and everyone who has supported Bolt over the last five years! We’ve no intention of slowing down, in fact the opposite. Things are always evolving in the world of motorcycling and we want to stay at the sharp edge, bringing about change and making noise!

Andrew AlmondComment