The Bike Shed III

Bolt's first expedition started with the unfeasible task of imagining how a haphazard shop fit of scavenged wood and scaffolding was to become mobile. Everything had been screwed together to an inch of its life, order was abandoned for a taste for power tools and a trade account at screwfix. I decided to go with mounting everything on casters which required endless drilling. The wood chose to catch alight rather than forming a orderly hole, the arch loaded with tanks of petrol started to resemble a giant furness. The casters used had may have well been made of jelly, the rails looked liked they'd gone on the piss and came back bandy. Luckily the floor at Tabacco Dock was equally as demented, I think they'd skipping flooring altogether and just lay an extra thick carpet.  

The stand eventually looked good, that is as long as no one came too close. Hanging pictures from a 60's NHS dental screen, the wheelable gallery, was never really going to be as good as a standard wall. In practice i'd made a swinging guillotine just waiting to claim a hand from a curious child. I'd also managed to bring a mountain of stock, clearly prepared in case everyone who came might want a bolt tee. Retrieving stock resulted in sending the frames spinning and the brain squeezing task of trying to find the exact balancing point to make them stop.    

A late night at the Black Skulls meant a furious hangover, I'd prepared well with no food or water on the stand, doors opened, I was done for. David Hardy was thankfully on hand with coffee, and in identical dress, which was neat. Viv Savage was there on the second day. It was great to see some great rides and amazing characters.