BMW 1000cc Cafe Racer

I shipped my Moto Guzzi over from Italy and spent the first few months getting it road worthy whilst watching the chrome start to pit in the british climate.  When i finally wheeled it out of the garage for the first time,  there's never a last time with an old italian bike, i thought the 850cc would keep me out of trouble for a while.

I'd spent the last few years squeezing every bit of power out of a Lambretta and the five fold jump in engine capacity seemed sufficient.   Adding an extra 36cc had turned my shopping bike into an aggressive, two stroke smoking asbo-machine.   Or so I imagined, looking back i don't think each minor engine tweak and adjustment actually made much difference.  It was the new seat from Bradford's notorious  Skins and Scooter boys, Mad Speed Racing and the throaty big bore exhaust that brought the worst out of me. 

At 6ft 4 i dwarf a scooter.  Slumped down and crouched in on the new seat with the bright orange Ancelotti exhaust pipe proudly highlighting the source of the sound pollution I started to ride like someone with a giant chip on their shoulder.    I had created the conditions for the small man syndrome that had been lacking elsewhere in my life.  

Back on the Guzzi and the seating position is upright and gentlemanly, you can sense it was once the American police bike.  On the open road you can loosen up, lay back and cruise but if you want to draw hell out of the engine, you tuck in, stretch forwards, and try your best to hide from the wind.   

With 1000cc to play with, the unique sound of Lamfranconi exhausts and the bullet fairing to take the strain I am excited to take the new `BMW out and unleash a new wave of terror to the streets of Hackney.   I'm not sure where to go with this bike, its nice as it is, a bike made for riding not posing.  Whatever happens its a great base for a project and the first Bolt bike, but not before I finally join the ranks of the ton-up club.   




Andrew AlmondComment