Bolt Type II Jacket

Bolt Type II Jacket


Our Bolt Type II jacket is a classically styled, premium denim jacket that conceals the functionality for a motorcyclists to feel secure on the road. We wanted to create a summer alternative to a leather jacket that offered a high level of protection without substituting style. We really endeavoured to adhere to the smallest detail and the highest level of quality on this garment. The Type II was the original motorcycle denim jacket and dates back to 1953 and was often worn with the sleeves cut off. We managed to find an original which we used to create the blue print for the pattern.

We used the finest super heavy weight 15oz Selvedge Denim from the esteemed Kuroko Mill in Japan. We then lined the jacket’s impact points - back, shoulders and elbows with 50/50 Dyneema, the strongest, lightest and most versatile fabric in the world. Alongside this we included pockets for D30 armour again at the back, shoulders and elbows. It was important to us that you couldn’t see the armour nor the stitching for the pockets and we spent two years sampling until we carefully concealed these elements. The jackets were made in London to the highest quality of manufacture.

We added a D-pocket, ticket pocket to the front and a deep internal pocket to carry all your belongings safely whilst on the road. The collar was reinforced, cut slightly slimmer and given a slight western tip. Limited to just 15 jackets, all numbered, these really are something special and are unlikely to be repeated.

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