Jet Black Race Sweater

Jet Black Race Sweater


This is an item that really benefits from being seen up close to see the fabrics and finishing. It features a slim and functional fit, tapering the side seams for a structured and smart look. We developed our own super heavy weight 500gsm Tomlinson loop weave fabric. This is traditional fabric used for sweatshirts in the 1950’s and makes for an excellent insulator layer. The thick ribbed hem keeps the garment in place under your jacket, and the extra long ribbed cuffs meet up to your gloves, making it the a perfect warmth layer for riding. The design on the front was created by Problem Press, an artist using Letterpress fonts from the turn of the century. It was recreated as layered felt appliqué to the front. We then over dyed the garments Jet Black.

Sweatshirts are unisex and sized from extra small to extra large.

*Due to the Dying process these garments come up smaller then our other sizes

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