The Real Intellectuals 

Inspiration is a long road. “The Real Intellectuals” was founded in 2012 in Athens, Greece as a creative means of staying creative and expressing our love for vintage motorcycles, design and handcrafts.

A team of graphic designers seized their passion for design, exploring new paths of creativity. “The Real Intellectuals” brings street wear a step closer to their own mentality and worldview: style with a sophisticated twist for men and women.

Everything is a hint for brainstorming, anything we experience reflects on our creativity. An adventurous bike road trip with your friends, the wind blowing to your face while riding, the gorgeous landscapes you can come across, an unexpected sleepover in nature, the exceptional designs of vintage and custom made motorcycles, the sound they make.




Bolt London / Arch 3 / Fieldworks
274 Richmond Road
Hackney, London E8 3QW

+44 (0)7963 747389