The Dawson Family produce the best Workwear they can using 15 years experience of working with denim. All of their products are made in their own specialist workshop in Brighton, East Sussex.

Each piece comes with a “log book” inspired by the same document from the golden age of motoring. The ideal of being built to last has long been forgotten but they are proud to be able to offer a durability guarantee with each product. This log book entitles the owner to a service in the first six months when any wear and tear created in this time will be repaired by hand here in the workshop.

They use Red line Selvage from Japan, the red in Selvage was introduced around the 1930’s to denote the highest quality. The mill they work with is family run and is over 100 years old. Selvage or Self-edge is also the oldest, most authentic denim woven on the original looms.




Bolt London / Arch 3 / Fieldworks
274 Richmond Road
Hackney, London E8 3QW

+44 (0)7963 747389