The leather jacket is synonymous with motorcycles, two of the defining symbols of counter culture. The relationship extends back over a hundred years starting with the re-appropriation of military and flying jackets. Then in the 1920’s Irving Schott sold the first jacket specifically made for motorcyclists at Harley Davidsons. 

We stock a wide range of leather jackets from the classic to contemporary styles. We stock British and American designs to include the Highwayman jackets of the 1930’s, through to the 50’s ‘perfecto’ look made popular by Marlon Brando, and the Café Racer style of the 60’s. Our Bolt motorcycle leather jacket is our reworking of a classic 50’s style with a more contemporary cut and fit. 

Our women’s leather jackets are hand made in Paris by Kelly Miller. In collaboration with Aero Leathers and Kelly Miller we can commission a bespoke leather jacket to your tastes. We also hold a revolving stock of vintage motorcycle jackets and full race leathers.