Basics of Motorcycle Mechanics - January 15th

Basics of Motorcycle Mechanics - January 15th


This course runs on Wednesday evenings at Bolt in Stoke Newington and runs from 7pm to 9pm each week. Over the five weeks you will learn the basics of motorcycle maintenance covering all aspects of the bike. Aimed specifically at custom and classic motorcycles the course will teach you how to keep on top of issues, pro-long the life and safety of your motorcycle,  and save you in garage bills. Tony Davis will lead the course and has an excellent knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for mechanics, he's also very funny.

Week 1

  • Tools and Visual checks re cap

  • Wheels and Tyres: How to check Tyres, remove wheels, check spokes and wheel bearings

  • Overview of suspension

Week 2

  • Brakes: The different types (Disc/Drum) how they work

  • How to check for wear (measuring tools), removal and replacement (safety brake dust etc)

Week 3

  • Chain final drive: Chains and sprockets how to check, regular maintenance (chain lube scott oilers etc)

  • Removal and replacement

  • Sprocket size and how it affects performance

Week 4

  • Oils lubrication and greasing: look at oils and types oil changes, oil filter changes

  • Carburetion and fueling: How a carburetor works how to clean one, air filter checks and replacement

Week 5

  • Electrics: Ignition system: Battery check (multi volt meter)

  • Sparkplug care (removal replacement)

  • Lighting bulb replacement, wiring checks etc

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