Intermediate Motorcycle Mechanics - April 1st

Intermediate Motorcycle Mechanics - April 1st


This five week course follows from the Basics of Motorcycle Mechanics course and explores topics in more depth and takes a more hands on approach.  

Week 1

  • Clutch
    What is a clutch and what does it do. Detailed examination of all the components. How to adjust and when to replace. How to replace a cable. How to access the clutch drum and remove clutch plates for checking or replacement. How to rebuild the clutch.

Week 2

  • Suspension
    Different types of suspension. How to check. How to adjust. How to remove and replace rear shock absorbers. How to remove forks. How to change fork seals and replace fork oil correctly.

Week 3

  • Customising
    Exhaust pipe wrapping, how to wrap correctly. How to prep and apply heatproof paint. How to bare metal a petrol tank. How to sand down and prepare panels. Basic aerosol spray paint techniques.

Week 4

  • Engines
    How to dismantle engine components with care. How to fit a piston correctly in a cylinder. How to adjust tappets and valve clearances. How to remove and replace engine casings and preserve or replace gaskets.

Week 5

  • Electrics
    How to remove and replace the main electrical components Inc battery, alternator, coils, ht leads, rectifiers etc. How to change indicators, lights etc. How to use a soldering iron and how fit fresh wires and connectors
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