Often sited with pride, El Solitario create the world’s most hated motorcycles, and we for one are glad for that. El Solitario motorcycles are not intended to seek for beauty, content or practicality, as these are attributes that dominate today’s spectrum and therefore do not interest them.

They’re known for preferring to ride & build vintage engineered iron over modern solutions, they feel more comfortable around them, but also enjoy the thrill of a challenge. They adore patina and respect rust or debris when it doesn't affect performance. In short, they believe that character is more appealing than the metrics, so that is what they search for in their exercises.

Their approach is based on traditional craftsmanship and obsessive care for small details and this follows through to their apparel. They stick to premium fabrics and work with artisans on limited edition pieces. They create stylish clothes that are highly functional and hardy for life on the road.

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