Pike Brothers 1966 Explorer Motorcycle Jacket

Pike Brothers 1966 Explorer Motorcycle Jacket


The 1966 Explorer Jacket is a combination of 3 different historical outdoor and military jackets and is made for people that live on their bike. The basic fit and body length is from the famous N1 Deck Jacket, a fit that has well established itself in the 1940s. The front pockets shape and size come from the legendary 1942 Paratrooper Jacket, as paratroopers always carried lots of stuff and therefore needed room.

Inspired by the back construction of historical hunting and outdoor jackets with an ‘Action Back’, this motorcycle jacket was crafted with bikers in mind. So you can sit on your bike and have freedom of movement with any riding style. Be it sporty or cruising.

Combining waxed cotton "jungle cloth“ with wool lining, this motorcycle jacket is waterproof and breathable yet warm, making it an ideal choice for the toughest outdoor requirements and adventures on your bike.

The 1996 Explorer motorcycle jacket features added elbow pockets and a big back pocket allowing you to upgrade the jacket with modern motorcycle protectors in standard size.

  • Densley woven Jungle Cloth made of 100% waxed cotton

  • Wool blanket lining made of 100% wool

  • 4 big front pockets

  • Inner pocket

  • Stand up collar

  • Adjustable cuffs

  • 2 elbow pockets and one big pocket in the back for standard size motorcycle protectors

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