Hedon Hedonist Helmet Ash Motorcycle Helmet

Hedon Hedonist Helmet Ash Motorcycle Helmet


Hedon motorcycle helmets stand out from the pack and are a favourite of both BOLT London and our customers. With an eye for the original and a sense of beauty and craftsmanship, each Hedon helmet has its own unique style and finish and the hedonist motorcycle helmet is no different.

The Hedonist range is in our opinion THE leading helmet of the of open face design. HED ARMOR is Hedon Motorcycle helmets signature lining. This unique design was inspired by the Rugby skull cap. It's 360 degree padding all round ensures a snug fit for the comfort and protection when riding your motorcycle. The HED ARMOR also protects your ears from the harsh and loud sounds of the bikes giving the rider a much peaceful and pleasant experience on the road.

  • Composite fibre shell of fibreglass and carbon fibre

  • Metallic grey painted shell, matte finish

    • Hed Armor lining with 360″ cushion padding

    • Merlin anti-bacterial fabric

    • Natural calf leather trim and lining

    • Anodised gunmetal coloured brass HEDON plate

    • Anodised gunmetal coloured brass hardware

    • Anodised gunmetal coloured brass DD buckle

    • Weight: 800-900 grams

    Delivery time will take no more than 35 days to your door or less if you are lucky as these babies are hand crafted and need quite a bit of time to be made if there aren't any in our stock.

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