Bolt Race Sweatshirt

Bolt Race Sweatshirt


We based this on a classic 1930’s race sweater. The fabric was made using a traditional Tomlinson Loop weave, typical of the era. Fabrics available on the market extend to 340gsm but we wanted this sweatshirt to be as warm and durable as possible and wove our own fabric at 500gsm. The Fabric was hand dyed a Petrol Blue and teamed up with extra which ribbing on the neck, hem and cuffs. We gave the sweatshirt a more contemporary cut whilst remaining true to its original and unique style. The weight of the fabric and the cut give the jumper a structured and smart appearance.

The thick ribbed hem stops the sweatshirt bunching up under your jacket, and the extra long ribbed cuffs meet up to your gloves, making it the a perfect warmth layer for riding.

The Bolt logo was designed by Stephen Kenny of Problem Press using original metal letterpress type from the 1920’s. We took Stephen’s design and re-made it using layered felt appliqué in keeping with era.

Sweatshirts are unisex and sized from extra small to extra large.

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