Aero Leather Dustbowl - Sizes 38, 42 Motorcycle Jacket

Aero Leather Dustbowl - Sizes 38, 42 Motorcycle Jacket


At BOLT Motorcycles, we work with only the highest quality manufacturers of motorcycle apparel. Aero Leather are considered to create some of the toughest, most durable motorcycle jackets on the planet, just the way we like it.  

With the “Dust bowl” jacket the first thing that draws us to it is the 1930’s half belt design. It truly reflects the enforced austerity brought on by The Great Depression. With money and resources stretched to their limits,  jacket manufacturers were very conscious of saving as much leather as possible when designing a leather jacket.

The “Dust Bowl” was fashion statement in New York and Hollywood yet an affordable way to strap a leather jacket to the back of the average working man in the 1930’s. Fashion driven by need and not design.

The fit of this motorcycle jacket is slim and neat, and, typically to jackets made in this era, most of the seams on this multi panel motorcycle jacket are triple stitched which adds to the strength and the unique character of the piece. The  jacket is lined in beautiful scottish wool Tartan from Lochcarron with heavy duty cotton drill sleeve for ease of wear, the pockets are lined in moleskin and even the label is true to the style fitted to the original leather jackets from the 1930s.

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