Aero Cafe 1930s Slim Fit Half Belt

Aero Cafe 1930s Slim Fit Half Belt


Aero's variation on the classic late 1920's/ early 1930's half belted Horsehide Jacket. The back is a Half Belt with a four - section back: large panel with top yoke, false belt and a lower panel beyond the false belt with brass buckle fastening at the sides.

 The side pocket angle is fractionally different from our later 1950s Half Belt as is the top pocket. The cuff has a button closure and is more typical of the 20's and 30's than the Half Belt/Highwayman style cuff more commonly found on most post war originals.

Lined in hard wearing Tarten cotton drill as standard while the pockets are lined in trouser grade moleskin to maximize warmth, wear and tear. Designed for harsh climates and winter wear, this jacket is an understated classic from an era where longevity was expect of a leather jacket, no matter how harshly it was treated. 

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